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"Vauxhall", August 1, 2013


Just two of Dougie’s epic Griffin-themed fleet

In nine months I’ve racked up 11,000 miles in the Cavalier SRi and in the last few weeks it has made two trips to England, first to Nottingham, and then to Santa Pod for the PV Show. And, as expected I encountered no problems at all. It’s been completely reliable, and is now about due for a major service.

In the meantime I have had the sagging roof lining out, and glued it back together with spray adhesive. This is a temporary repair until I find a nice new lining to replace it with, but at least it looks presentable again.

During the runs down to England I noticed that the performance was maybe a touch on the flat side, like the power was dropping off a bit. The usual culprit for that sort of behaviour is a worn dizzy cap/rotor arm combination. Having never replaced these items I knew they were likely to be old. I had bought a number of dizzy caps off eBay in a job lot a while back for about a fiver each which was a bargain, so I grabbed one of those and went out and bought new leads and a new rotor arm for £15.

It took a few minutes to fit the new parts and I noticed an immediate improvement in performance, which was pleasing. Next for the Cavalier will be that big service, plus I have some new AVO 25mm lowering springs to add, some KYB gas dampers and I noticed a little plate will be needed at the rear of the driver’s side sill. I’ll do that little lot and then I think I will treat it to a valet as the inside it getting pretty horrible what with the car being used as a workhorse. Then I might even stick those Maxxis Z1 drift tyres on it and take it out round Knockhill!

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