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"Vauxhall", August 1, 2013


The six-speed conversion phase of the project was almost complete. All I had to do was fit aluminium spacer blocks to lower the tie bars in place of my box section mock ups, and then weld plates onto the new wishbones to provide the strength needed to survive the extra stress the power of the LET would put onto them. All was going well until, just as I finished welding up the first wishbone, the welder ran out of wire. A quick trip to Halfords got me a new roll, but when fitting it, it snagged in the liner, meaning we couldn’t do any more welding until a new liner appeared.

So, the following week I got the welding finished off and fitted the new, stronger wishbones.

In between that, owner James had fitted a pair of new Koni springs and dampers, along with new strut top mounts. These replaced the budget coilovers which really weren’t up to the job of supporting a LET and F28. James also got busy painting various bits of the engine bay and Waxoyling the whole underside of the car. We’re all ready to get the motor MoT’d now, although it looks like a new steering rack will be needed as there’s a fair bit of play from one of the rack ends. But do we go for a standard replacement or a quick rack?

James had also bought a Nova GTE donor car a few months back to use for spares and a reshell job. He’s scaled his project back a tad, so we’ve broken the rotten GTE up to provide parts for the track car, sell some other parts on and to provide a few for the LET such as the electric windows and door top cappings. We’re looking forward to getting this car on the road.

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