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"Vauxhall", August 1, 2013


The executive ’80s saloon took pride of place on our TV stand

Who says a 30-year-old car that (until late last year) was laid up for five years can’t be reliable transport? The Carlton has been, quite frankly, flipping awesome this month. It’s coped with hauling all manner of people and associated clobber along the M4 and up to Northampton numerous times, taken a trip to deepest, darkest Devon in its stride, not used a drop of oil and, perhaps most surprisingly, not been too shabby fuel economy-wise (30-odd mpg isn’t that bad considering the carb has seen better days). It’s been so reliable and comfy that I’m even considering using it to cart me and four friends to the Glastonbury Festival, though quite how it (and me) will cope with a field full of annoying, muddy hippy types intent on ‘finding themselves’ is open to question.

The highpoint for the car so far has to be its guest appearance on the TV stand at PVS. Okay, so it was well and truly outshone by Dave Hughes’s immaculate and freshly resprayed Cavalier Turbo, but hey, it still looked good up there (in my eyes at least). Next month I’ll let you know how it gets on at the festival and whether I manage to get enough cider in the boot!

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