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"Vauxhall", August 1, 2013

Quick fixes

Q I’m trying to get a set of Vauxhall mudflaps for my Cavalier GSi. Seems they’re no longer stocked? Any ideas where I’ll get a set?


A Some dealers may have old stock available but save yourself some hassle and just buy Mk4 Astra items. Throw the metal brackets away and use small self tappers.

Q Hi guys. I’ve lost one of my Heko wind deflectors from my 2009 Insignia. Can I buy a single one, or will I have to buy a full set of four again?


A As far as we know, you can’t buy singles, but LMF Vauxhall can sort you out with a pair for your Insignia (and most other models) for around £25. Bargain.

Q I’ve just been given my Nan’s Agila to run around in. Any idea where I can get some styling stuff like a debadged grille and lowering springs?


A Not sure if you’re serious... but if you are, then you’ll struggle. Weirdly the Agila isn’t that well catered for. You may have to go down the DIY route and be unique. Have a look online for Wagon R bits, it’s basically the same car.

Q Quick one. Just finishing off my LET conversion in my Astra Mk3 but I need an equal length driveshaft, any suggestions?


A They came fitted to some Calibras and Cavaliers (C20XE) so try the classifieds on the likes of Migweb, Mk3 Owners Club or Vauxsport for a second-hand pair.

Q I’m going to service my Vectra C SRi soon. Are there any uprated parts I can use instead of the standard Vauxhall stuff. I want it to run better than it does now.


A It should run better after a full service, regardless of the brands but as for ‘uprated’ parts – aside from the likes of a K&N panel filter, the standard GM fuel and oil filters and plugs will be fine. Changing regularly is better than simply upgrading.

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