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"Vauxhall", August 1, 2013


We look at some old school cop cars from over the years

Words: Andrew Duerden/Vauxhall Archive

Yorkshire Police used the Cavalier and were even prepared to endorse the use with a posed photograph to accompany a press release.

photo: Andrew Duerden/Vauxhall Archive

The garish battenburg livery of the latest high-tech Vauxhall police cars contrasts vividly with the earlier Vauxhall models used by the constabulary. Until the ‘60s, black was the chosen colour for all Police cars, but then someone realized that a high speed emergency vehicle would be more visible in a lighter colour. So plain white was the first version until vinyl printing technology caught up with matters and cars such as the Cavalier and Senator took on the ‘Jam Sandwich’ appearance with a reflective red or yellow stripe.

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