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"Vauxhall", August 1, 2013


The Geordie crew battle it out on the rollers

WORDS Dave Reid

PHOTO Ade Brannan

Taking a trip to the North East (and yes, it is ‘down’ when you’re based in Scotland) is awesome for many many reasons. First, there’s the A68 which, speed cameras aside, is a superb bit of road. Next, there’s that quality bacon roll serving establishment just off the A1 and last but by no means least, as we learned over the past two decades, when it comes to modified Vauxhalls and club spirit, you’d be hard pushed to beat the Geordies.

Given all that, when Vauxsausage main man Marc Hedley invited us down to their first rolling road day, it was pretty much a forgone conclusion. Packed lunches sorted, sunglasses and gloves packed and set the sat nav for Evotune in Durham.

Now, we all know the score at dyno days. You spend several weeks leading up to the event proclaiming how much horsepower you have, then do your run and either stand back feeling smug or skulk off to find your big book of excuses. Highest horsepower of the day wins. Most go home happy, some... well less so.

Different kettle of fish here though. Instead of bragging and trying to outdo each other, it’s actually a complete role reversal. Everybody was getting involved helping with last minute tweaks or in the case of Marc’s poorly Nova, swapping ECUs and I’m sure there was even talk of swapping complete engines at one stage. Nobody boasted, nobody had a diva esque tantrum and in the case of Kev’s 16v Corsa, the sheer amount of air being moved by the crowd screaming words of encouragement probably gained a couple of bhp in itself. Whilst the Z20LET/Astra GSi Turbo camp made up the majority of the runners, it was nice to see a bit old school action in the form of Bucky’s freshly reinstated Mk2 GTE and Ste Lowis’ stunning Cavalier Turbo, which along with Craig’s Corsa Sport proved there’s life in the old C20LET yet.

As with every dyno day, there’s always somebody stood at the top feeling kinda warm inside. Today that man was Lee Watson thanks to his impressive (and loud) 352bhp run. To which he announced it was “okay” and “it’s a work in progress”. Less happy were some of the Z20LET boys who were suffering from erratic fuelling and boost that would rather leave the engine before the combustion chamber but still, eleven of the twelve runners cracked the 200bhp barrier and the one who didn’t... well he didn’t have a turbo but he has got the award for the car of the day thanks to its spot on figures, stunning paintwork and army of enthusiastic supporters.

As always, thanks go to the guys from Evotune who were on hand helping whenever and however possible and it goes without saying, big shout to the guys and girls from Vauxsausage who yet again did themselves proud and yet again proved the North East is the place to be when it comes to modified Vauxhalls.



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