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MICHIGAN native Derik Dwyer has been spinning wrenches for seven years now, working for some of the sport’s top racers along the way. And in spite of the hard work required, staying motivated is easy for Derik. “Getting the feeling that your rider has the same dedication and passion is enough for you to continue making the bike better,” Derik said. “Having a guy that is willing to put in the work and go for it helps a lot, too.”

During the rush before the opening round of the Supercross season, Derik took some time to give us the ins and outs of Zach Osborne’s — Geico Honda’s newest rider — CRF250R. And as we found out, Zach is actually pretty easygoing when it comes to bike setup.

MOTOR: Right now, Zach is just running the baseline motor. We haven’t done any major testing. As soon as [Christian] Kibby our motor and R&D guy gets an idea of what he would like to have tested and what he thinks is durable, then we’ll go ahead and put it in the bike. After that, the riders get to choose what they want and make their own engine package. We did do some pipe testing already, and it changed up the feel of the bike. He likes a little bit of a hit, but it has to continue to pull; he doesn’t want it to rev out fast. He wants it to carry good strong power all the way through. I would say he likes it to be a nice smooth curve.

SUSPENSION: Zach adapted to the bike really quickly during the first day. Factory Connection has been there since the day he got on the bike in order to help dial in his suspension. He likes the suspension to be soft initially but with a nice firm feel throughout. He doesn’t want it to blow through and bottom out, but he still doesn’t want it so stiff that it won’t soak up the smaller bumps. He’s a great test rider, so he kind of has a good idea of where he wants to go with settings. The guys over at Factory Connection come up with new settings for him to try, and he’ll go ride. I would say he is pickier about the shock, and he likes it to stay planted in the corners and not lose traction. He’s pretty happy with the settings that we have on his bike right now. If we had to go racing tomorrow, he’d definitely be comfortable with it.

CONTROLS: He’s 5’6”, so his handlebar setup is a Pro Taper Carmichael bend that he rolls way back. It’s rolled back just about the furthest out of all the riders on the team. He likes to have his levers a little higher than normal just because that’s what he’s comfortable with. He also likes to run half-waffle Pro Taper soft compound grips with the waffle side cut off. I’m not totally sure why he doesn’t just run full-diamond grips, but I believe it’s just the feel of these grips that he likes. I think that the half-waffle grips have a slightly different feel.

AIRBOOT: Basically, the Moto Tassinari airboot allows you to customize your bike for the type of power output that you want. It uses a velocity-style insert. We customize the inserts a little, but we actually ended up using one that is offered to the public. It delivers a nice hit on the bottom and works well with our motor package. Straight from the factory, it’s a great product.

EXHAUST: Kibby gets together with Yoshimura quite regularly, and depending on the engine package or what the rider is saying, we’ll have different headers or exhaust cans made. The product coming off the shelf is top-notch, but sometimes we just like to fine-tune it for the rider or our engine specifications.

BRAKES: Zach likes his brakes to be firm and doesn’t like them to be mushy. We have a CRS 270 front brake rotor on there with a works master cylinder and caliper. Covering the rotor is a Cycra front rotor cover.

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