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"Transworld Motocross", February 1, 2013





Dear TransWorld Motocross,

As we all know, Jantz Grodzicki recently encountered a series of surreal and unfortunate events while taking part in the Mini O’s. Even though I never had the privilege of meeting him, motocross has a tendency to unite riders regardless of age or skill while forging a family-like bond. It’s never easy seeing someone endure such an occurrence, and consequently I’ve spent more time than one might know simply thinking about the risks that I previously mentioned. I can’t help but come to the realization that more times than not, I’ve personally taken to the track without taking into account all that could possibly happen. Regardless of the fact that those risks will never be able to keep me from doing what I love, everything that has recently taken place has seemed to bring everything into perspective... something that has never truly taken place for me, personally.

With all of that being said, undoubtedly the next time I gear up and mount my KX250F you can rest assured that I’ll certainly take a minute and give thanks for once again being given the chance to continue pursuing my passion...because not everyone is afforded such an opportunity.

Rest in peace, #JG96.

Jonathan R.

Muncie, IN

We all know and understand the risks involved in our sport, each and every time we take to the track, and those who don’t ride will never understand why we come back, time and time again after every injury we suffer. I never met Jantz, but he competed at several rounds of our Muscle Milk TWMX Race Series with great success. I’m told that he was a heck of a kid — off the track, too. Godspeed, Jantz...Editor


Dear TransWorld Motocross,

My name is Jake and I am 14. This August I upgraded my CRF150R to a CRF250R, but it cost me $3,400, and being a teen and having to pay for that 100 percent isn’t easy. Now, to the point. Last weekend I was at my local track (Horn Rapids MX in Richland, Washington) and I went down hard! I was trying to do a step-up triple and cased the triple part of it. I bent up my bars pretty bad. I got new bars but I have no grips to put on due to the fact that the ones I took off are the worst ever! I have been subscribing for about four months now and plan on being a lifetime subscriber! So I was just wondering if there was a way you could help me get some new grips...

Jake E.

Richland, WA

Obviously, you saw a letter in last month’s issue in which a reader begged for help with his clapped out bike, and I replied by sending him a pair of limited-edition TWMX ODI grips. Sorry, Jake, but you’re gonna have to be more original than that. Maybe you should hit up the Xerox corporation for sponsorship, since you’re such a copycat and all...Editor


Dear TransWorld Motocross,

What’s up, TransWorld Motocross! Love your magazines! Supercross is going to be very interesting this year because we have BAM BAM [Justin Barcia] in the mix. I think he’s gunna stir some things up! Can’t wait to see all the best out there this season to see who really wants it this year.

Zach S.

West Grove, PA

I agree, Zach. Justin Barcia isn’t afraid to mix it up with anyone, and better yet, I don’t think he’s too concerned about making friends. Number 51 is only one of the reasons that Supercross is going to be amazing (unlike your non-watch-winning letter) in 2013...Editor


Dear TransWorld Motocross,

Just a while ago I went riding with my buddy, and it was raining all day. We were taking a break from riding on his little track, when it cleared up and got sunny! Instantly we start up our bikes, mine is a CRF250R and he has a YZ125. We went down the street and into the woods by his house. We got in the trails and hauled down ’em, but it was really muddy and I slipped and hit a tree going about 20. It got all of my right side, and I’m right hand dominant. I went flying and hit the ground. I was rolling in pain and clutching my arm at the same time. My buddy ditched his bike and was on me in what seemed like two seconds. He made sure I was all right and everything then he helped me get up and walk my bike to the road so I could push it to his house. I got to his house, then a little later went to the hospital. I ended up breaking three bones in my arm. Just thought I would share you guys my story. Thanks for your time!

Tyler P.

Fosston, MN

That’s quite a story, Tyler! This one time I was at a race at Milestone and going into the first turn, I tangled with another rider and lost control. I lost my front end and crashed headfirst into a tractor tire that they used to mark the inside of the first turn. I’d tell you the rest of the story, but I don’t remember it...Editor


Dear TransWorld Motocross,

In the world of dirt biking today, there have been many budget cuts from race teams and support. Recently, Kawasaki pulled the plug on the off-road Team Green support, which can be viewed either good or bad, depending who you ask. This termination of the grass roots of racing is bad for everyone racing. It has taken away not only the jobs of Destry Abbott, Bobby Garrison, Justin Soule, and Taylor Robert, but everyone involved in helping them get to each race (truck drivers, pit managers, technicians, etc). It has also taken away the luxury for Kawasaki riders at off-road events to get help, ask questions, or get spare parts. The worst part of the situation is all of the dreams that are being taken away from the riddance of the program. Ever since I was a little kid, my dream was to race for Team Green Kawasaki and follow in my dad’s (Paul Krause) footsteps, winning major off-road events such as Baja and National Hare and Hounds. Many other kids’ dreams have also been taken away in this situation. So, with all of this said, I have heard many different reasons as to why there will no longer be an off-road Team Green racing team, one of which being that Ryan Villopoto is too expensive. Whether or not you can answer this question, I would love to get a response from you guys. I appreciate you taking the time to read all of this.

Brandon K.

Irvine, CA

According to a few of my friends at Kawasaki, the decision to cut the off-road portion of the Team Green program was not a popular decision by any means, but one that has loomed overhead for a couple years now. From a marketing standpoint, the Kawasaki KXF line is sold as a motocross bike, not an off-road machine. Granted, though a good number of the KXFs sold end up off-road, perhaps things would have been different if Kawasaki produced a high-end KLX race bike. And by the way, Brandon, your dad is a bad dude!...Editor


Dear TransWorld Motocross,

First off, great mag. Secondly, a minor complaint: I was at the Elsinore final and it was an amazing race and the jump featured in the Skills section was huge and awesome to watch riders hit. While I think my butthole would have puckered up and I would have never hit that jump, how does Christian Craig telling us to “watch somebody else hit it first” really help us learn about hitting a big jump? Most of his points were great tips but that one confused me. I want to know what is going through the mind of the guys that are hitting it first. What is Dung, Alessi, or RV thinking with they tap it first lap? Those are the real tips. Keep up the rest of the good work.

Chase W.

Phoenix, AZ

Watching another rider hit a jump provides all kind of useful information if you know what you’re looking for. Instead of checking out what pipe he has on his bike, or the color of his goggle lens, pay attention to the sound of his engine to determine what gear he’s in and how hard he’s on the gas. Then, watch his body language as he hits the face. Is he preloading into the face to gain greater height and distance, or soaking it up with his legs and trying to fly low? Watch the way his suspension reacts on takeoff and landing: is there a kicker on the jump face, or braking bumps when he lands? See, there’s a lot to be learned if you just open your eyes and ears. Oh, and what’s going through Dung, Alessi and RV’s minds? “I hope I make it,” is my guess...Editor


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