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"Super Street Bike", January 1, 2013


Past Judgment

What were you watching in 2001? If you’re a hardcore fan of stunting, you were most likely glued to the tube watching the new Judgment Day DVD. It was the first in a series of six videos highlighting how riders from around the country killed the streets on one wheel. Years before anybody had heard of YouTube or smart phones, Todd Colbert, the man behind the videos, thought, “Wouldn’t it be cool to see what other stunt rider groups were doing across the country, and then come up with a way to showcase each of their skills in one place?” A mere few weeks after the call went out for stunt clips, he started receiving videos from all around the world. In addition to the six Judgment Day flicks, Colbert, an established stunt rider himself, holds a Guinness World Record for a nine- man wheelie...that’s nine men on one motorcycle! Talk about a conversation starter.

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