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"Muscle Cars", August 1, 2012




I have been looking for my old car since I sold it back in 1989 to raise money for college. I sold the car for $2,500, and about 15 minutes after it was gone I regretted my decision and vowed to buy it back. I lost track of the car and feared it was sitting in a salvage yard somewhere. I followed several leads over the next 23 years without any luck. Every time I heard that a ’71 Torino GT was spotted in a salvage yard or behind a house I followed the lead, even after moving from Indiana to Florida, but it was never my old car.

Well, two weeks ago I was searching eBay for parts and typed in Torino. The very first car that appeared was a ’71 Torino GT in Portage, Indiana. I looked at the car and thought, It’s my car. I messaged the owner and gave him the VIN. Sure enough, it was my car. Luckily for me the owner was a car guy who understood its importance. After the close of the auction (I bid on it, but it didn’t meet its reserve) I spoke with the owner and he felt it belonged back with me, so we came to a very fair agreement.

I now have the car back, and it is amazingly intact. It still has the tires that I put on it in 1987. Only 400 miles were put on the car since his purchase, and it had been in storage since 1990 — only 14 miles from where I lived in Indiana.

I bought the Torino in Tulsa in 1982 for $425 at the young age of 16. It was the car that created memories for me and my buddies. It cruised Broadway and the Blue Top Drive-In. It was my first love. I kept the car completely stock right down to the AM radio. I was the third owner, and this car was never driven in the winter the entire time I owned it. The car has a 351C four-barrel, a C6, buckets, and a console, with 140,000 miles on the odometer. It is still numbers matching, though the laser stripes have been painted white and the rust is minor (unusual for a northern Indiana car). This car will stay in my family and be passed down.

Kevin Mason


We liked the article on the unrestored Georgia Shaker in your May issue (“Georgia Shaken and Stirred”). We also liked the NASCAR ’73 Charger in your Homegrown Heroes article. As you can see from the photos of our ’68 Charger that has a NASCAR theme, we like the old race car look. It would be cool to hear from more people with the NASCAR theme or drag gasser theme cars out there. You have a great magazine, definitely our favorite. Keep up the good work.

The Bresslers


While you guys are in the area for the Week on Woodward and the Woodward Dream Cruise, why not stop by one of the nicest AMC shows held in the Detroit area? On August 19 our club, the Great Lakes Classic AMC Club, will put on a show in Livonia, Michigan. We usually have more than 100 cars. Our club members are usually involved in the cruise in some manner and line up parking spots en route.

David E. Macy


The hits just keep on coming. Your May issue is a good one. To Homegrown Hero Gregg Zahora and his Chevelle wagon: Nice! Regarding “The Big Selloff” [about the Scottsdale auctions], absolutely a bull’s-eye. Agree completely. To Tom Shaw and his “What’s Changed” Last Page column: Nailed it. I can full-well appreciate it all, especially the “government assisted bankruptcy” part, seeing as my job at the GM Tech Center went away. God help us.

Hope to see you at the Woodward Cruise.

Jerry Right


I first subscribed to MCR in 1987 when I graduated from college. I failed my first sitting of the CPA exam because I spent too much time reading back issues instead of studying. I remember the dark years when there was no MCR at all. When it came back I was delighted. Of the five muscle car magazines I subscribe to, it has always been my favorite. Still is. The newer cover art is fine; so was the old one. Who gives a crap? It’s what’s inside that counts. Thanks for all the great years of service. I still have every issue.

Darrel Ricketts


I’ll see you again in 20 years. In the same car. I have 20 years to convince my dad to give this car to me for my 21st birthday. It’s a ’69 Dodge Charger R/T. Dodge didn’t build this R/T; my Dad built this R/T. It has a 440 engine with a 727 TorqueFlite and an 8¾ rearend. He’s owned this Charger since 1989. As you can see, I’m not waiting until I get my license before I take over the driver’s seat. I know where he keeps the keys. Save me a spot. I’ll be back in 20 years.

Daniel Shepherd Melton

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