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"Honda Tuning", May 1, 2012


Those in favor of the LS/VTEC configuration are often heard singing its praises, but not far off in the distance are the naysayers. The debate lies within reliability and high-rpm abuse. As many know, the B18A/B (RS/LS/GS) Integra motor was never intended to be revved to the levels that the B16A/B, B17, B18C/C1/C5/C6 were in fact designed for. The goal is, of course, to match the low end and midrange grunt of the LS block, with the high-flow/high-revving VTEC head and reap the benefits of both sides. For every few success stories with the LS/VTEC conversion, there are a few unfortunate catastrophic failures. Whether it was pilot error or perhaps mistakes during assembly is still unclear. One thing is for certain: The combination was revolutionary during a time when GS-R and ITR bottom ends were worth their weight in gold. The LS/VTEC conversion offered an affordable alternative, and with do-it-yourself kits like those offered by Golden Eagle, the swap became an “at home” affair.

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