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"Honda Tuning", May 1, 2012


Osaka JDM’s team racing driver, Franck Decadi, has led an interesting life and continues to do so without any form of respite. Originally from Pontoise, France, Franck was a pro driver in the 1990s and has owned 47 Hondas in his lifetime! He met Furukawa-san of Osaka JDM in 2009 when he was shopping for an EG6, and they quickly became close friends. Franck eventually started helping around the shop both as a mechanic and as an advisor, and before long, he was spearheading their import/export division. From there he started racing their ZC-powered cars against multiple K20 monsters and beat the snot out of the likes of, well, everybody! With a B16/B18 heart under the AH’s bonnet, it seems like Franck and the Osaka JDM team are quite an unremitting force in their division. Last year alone they clinched the Historix Race Championship, finishing first overall and shocking a lot of big-name tuners in the process. Franck currently lives in Osaka, Japan, with his wife and son, and dreams of one day racing here in America.

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