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"Honda Tuning", May 1, 2012

Dented and Scratched

Osaka JDM’s official race car



This is Osaka JDM’s official race car — a third-generation Civic hatch. While it may look like a beat-up old plaything, trust me when I say this is no toy. Sporting a modified B16/B18 swap, enough Mugen goodies to make the snootiest of elitists envious, and some seriously slick Osaka JDM originals, this AH is a little monster. And by monster I mean that this little “breadbox” has kicked countless asses up and down Suzuka Twin Circuit and is always itching for a new battle. Combined with some cunning driving and great tuning, this tiny troll has bested the biggest names in racing, and you would never have known it... until now. So how can something so minuscule climb the ranks to the top, you might ask? Well, allow me to enlighten you.

In its natural state, this car weighs next to nothing, and with its gutted interior it now weighs even less, tipping the scales at just a tad over a ton. Throw on some EG6 brakes, a rear disc swap, much stiffer suspension, and one beastly built B16, and you’ve suddenly got a menacingly micro machine. Furukawa-san of Osaka JDM knew this when he built it, but he needed to make sure that his driving style went right along with the car’s hybrid mannerisms. So with the help of their ever-valiant team driver, Franck Decadi, Osaka JDM’s owner pulled off quite a few upsets over the last few years. Want an example? Two years ago at the annual Historix Race, the crew at Osaka JDM pulled off one of the craziest maneuvers in recent race history. For those of you unfamiliar with the Historix Race, rest assured in knowing that it’s one of the more “contact oriented” races in Japan. This means that no-no’s like pushing are acceptable, as long as it’s not too malicious or excessive.

So, at the time Furukawa-san was driving the AH Civic you see in front of you and Franck was behind the wheel of the Temple Racing EF3. (This was way before the B16B swap you see in the snaps, so both of these cars were merely plodding along on ZC power at the time.) Te boys ended up on the starting grid in sixth and seventh position, with Furukawa-san in front, due to Franck having problems with the EF during qualification. In front of this “gruesome twosome” sat a number of treacherous challengers, including an acutely built B18C-powered Type R and an RX-7 rocking the infamous SR20DET swap. The race began with a rolling grid, and they were off. It didn’t take long until they started running into an immense issue. The RX-7 listed above was excruciatingly slow in the bends, and blocking any chance of advancement for the Osaka JDM team. They needed to find a way around this roadblock, and time was running out.

Every time the boys attempted a pass on the RX-7 in a turn, it would slow to a crawl and drive sporadically to prevent anyone from passing. Then, when a straightaway would present itself, its SR20DET engine would rocket it way out in front. Furukawasan was getting pissed to say the least. In a single, desperate act, he decided to nudge the lumbering RX-7 out of the way in a turn with the front of his car. His plan worked, and the RX-7 spun off-course with profuse profanity echoing from its cabin, leaving the Osaka boys just enough time to sneak by and get closer to their next quarry. Overall they finished third and fourth that day, surprising all in attendance with their avant-garde driving style. Franck got a handsome-looking trophy, while Furukawa-san took home a souvenir in the form of a massive dent in his hood. But this decision to clout the RX-7 out of their way ended up winning them a spot in the winner’s circle. So to venerate their momentously dangerous triumph, Furukawasan opted to keep the dent as his own “custom trophy.” To this day it serves both as a conversation piece and as a warning to anyone who looks in their rearview mirror only to find a little innocent, white, dented, and scratched Civic breathing down their neck.



B16B (modified to 1,800cc)

Crunk B18C rods

Toda 8:1 high-compression pistons

Port/polished head

Toda custom B-series cams

Toda cam gears

Toda Egghead valvesprings

HaSport engine mounts

Osaka JDM custom ECU and tune

Osaka JDM stainless 60mm center muffler

Toda header

’98 ITR intake manifold

Osaka JDM ram intake

Custom 2-row aluminum radiator

Samco hoses

SARD fuel lines

SARD fuel pressure regulator

ATL 30-liter demolition derby-style fuel tank

Civic EG6 hydro transmission

DC2 Type R countershaft

ATS 1.5 way ITR LSD

Cusco metal race clutch

Clutchmasters EG6 9lb Flywheel


230 whp


Osaka JDM 30-way-adjustable struts

TEIN springs, front 5K

Eibach springs, rear 6K

Race-spec pillow mounts, front

Mugen traction bar

Osaka JDM camber kit front/rear

Osaka JDM rear lateral rods

Mugen N1 antiroll bars


EG6 calipers and EF3 rotors, front

Integra disc conversion, rear

Seido-ya pads front/rear

Osaka JDM stainless lines


Osaka JDM Loop #5 wheels, MUKU-type

15x6.5 front, +22

15x6 rear, +39

Hankook front 195/55-15

Yokohama rear A050 185/55-15


Osaka JDM rear wing

Osaka JDM front lip

USDM DX headlight, taillights, grille, fenders

Acrylic rear quarter windows

Valuesports wide-body kit (rare older model)


Custom battery tie-down

Bride seat

Takata 4-pt harness

Nardi Classic 360mm steering wheel

HKB hub

Omori oil pressure, water temp, and oil temp gauges

Mugen window net

Osaka JDM custom cage

HKS circuit attack counter



Bossman at Osaka JDM






19 years


The “new” NSX


To show what old school can do!


EF wagon with a K20 swap








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