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"Honda Tuning", May 1, 2012

Osaka JDM




The name Osaka JDM shouldn’t be completely foreign to any Internet-savvy Honda fiend. Its cars have popped up on just about every major Honda forum, and its custom Work wheels have been drooled over time and time again. We finally had the chance to visit and get a little history on the company.

Osaka JDM was founded 10 long years ago in Takaishi City, just outside of central Osaka. Its founder, Kazukiro Furukawa, had long dreamt of owning his own shop that catered to old-school Hondas, and fortunately for us, his dream came to fruition. What started off as a shop that worked only on classic Hondas has morphed into a full-blown Civic headquarters. Today, Osaka JDM specializes in selling and distributing hard-to-find Civic parts from as far back as the ’80s. Beyond its ability to source some incredibly hard-to-find, almost-extinct parts, the shop has also began manufacturing its own line of stainless brake lines, aero parts, exhaust, and suspension goods. Every great shop has a mascot, and Osaka JDM’s is an AH chassis track day terror that you can read about right after this page.

Oh, and in regards to those custom wheels that have created a huge buzz on the web, all of its original wheels are contracted directly through Work Wheels, so rest assured in knowing that every ounce of ingenuity that goes into these retro-looking three-piece rollers is solid.

You can check out its line of products and reach Furukawa-san via its website at http://www.osaka-jdm.jp.

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