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"Honda Tuning", May 1, 2012


Interesting pistons the Vitaras are. Borrowed from Suzuki’s 1.6L, SOHC compact SUV of all places, Vitara pistons remain a staple among cost-conscious Honda D-series followers. Manufactured from cast aluminum, Vitara pistons aren’t nearly as strong as forged-aluminum alternatives, but they do feature many of the same frills as most aftermarket pistons. For one, Vitara pistons feature floating-style wrist pins with superior oiling capabilities, unlike Honda’s pressed-in versions. Floating pins exhibit less friction and typically wear less frequently. Vitara pistons also feature a dished design with ample valve reliefs — perfect for lower-budget forced-induction setups where reduced compression ratios are common. Best of all, Vitara pistons feature a 75mm bore — just like the Civic’s — and are compatible with D-series connecting rods, piston pins, and rings. Their ring lands are also thicker than any D-series piston, which is precisely what makes them so durable, and a specialized Teflon coating — not unlike what you’d find surrounding an NSX or Integra Type-R piston — helps promote less wear at start-up.

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