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"Honda Tuning", May 1, 2012



SSR adds yet another wheel to its already stacked lineup with the Professor MS3. Comprised of SSR’s ultra high-quality HTM (Heat Treatment Manufacture) process, the new wheel features a true three-piece construction. That means the outer rim is precision welded to the inner rim, then securely bolted to the center disk. Available in 16–17-inch versions with a reverse lip, or 18–20-inch versions with a stepped lip, colors include silver, Titan silver, and flat black. Log on to SSR’s website and you’re sure to find something that will take your Honda to the next level.

www.ssr-wheels.com | 310-783-0200


Quik-Latch Products has released a truly secure system to tie down body panels without the use of any tools. Its new Mini-latch is a multi-purpose push-button fastener, slightly larger than a quarter, that’s able to withstand a pulling force of 200 pounds! The latches give you the freedom to use nothing more than your hands to remove a bumper, hood, or any other panel in just seconds. Produced in T6 aluminum and stainless steel, these latches have already been approved by the NHRA for use in competitive drag racing. Available in billet aluminum, polished, or black anodized, the Mini-latch system is for sale now, so quit relying on those cheap chain-store hood pins or those silly rubber band and button tie-downs that are more of an eyesore than a help. Save yourself the headaches while adding peace of mind as you’re tearing up the tarmac.

www.quik-latch.com | 254-681-5706


You knew it was only a matter of time before the masterminds at Hondata would crack the CR-Z ECU. Finally, a tuning solution is now available for Honda’s sporty hybrid. The new FlashPro unit plugs directly into the OBD-II diagnostic port and gives the user the ability to fine-tune important factors like air-fuel ratios, knock levels, and even extract more miles per gallon from the 1.5L. If you’re more of a sedan fan, rejoice in knowing that Hondata now has you ’07–’08 TSX owners covered as well. Unleash the hidden potential and drastically improve the drivability of your K24. All ’04–’06 TSX models are also compatible, though they require the use of a ’07–’08 ECU. As with all Hondata products, quality is top-notch and user interface is absolutely effortless. Whether you’re naturally aspirated or relying on forced induction with your CR-Z or TSX, Hondata’s FlashPro is the key to proper tuning.

www.hondata.com | 310-782-6383


Coast is proud to announce its HP7 LED flashlight to the public. Ultra-compact, this little beauty is armed with up to 251 lumens (total amount of visible light produced) but can be trimmed back to just 58 lumens in a split second, depending on your needs. A very user-friendly fingertip speed focus allows you to zero in on your subject, and there’s even a beam lock to make sure you don’t lose it. Designed in an impact-resistant, lightweight aluminum casing and an unbreakable LED with O-ring that provides water resistance and long-term protection, the HP7 is the last flashlight you’ll ever need.

Also from Coast is the convenience of hands-free lighting via its HL7 Focusing headlamp. Switch from spotlight to floodlight with the rear-mounted adjustment lever and a lighting distance of up to 357 feet! Weighing in at only 4.4 ounces with batteries, the HL7 headlamp uses comfortable, adjustable elastic straps and can run continuously for almost 6 hours on high, and over 76 hours on low! Log on to Coast’s website and stop relying on those cheap hardware store lights that just don’t last.

www.coastportland.com | 877-704-4545


Eagle One is making a conscious effort to help keep our planet green with its new EnviroShine eco-friendly car care lineup. The new “green” line includes an all-new formula that utilizes only the safest of ingredients that are nontoxic, biodegradable, and free of any harsh solvents. The All Wheel & Tire Cleaner features an instant foaming action to penetrate and release brake dust and road grime on contact. Just spray it on, and in seconds you’re ready to rinse it off for a clean appearance, and no damage to the earth. Follow that up with Eagle One’s EnviroShine Tire Shine Gel with its non-sling formula that adheres to your tires and dries for a long-lasting shine. Available at all major auto parts retailers, the EnviroShine lineup is good for you, your pride and joy, and the enviroment!

www.eagleone.com | 800-432-4531


Raceland is excited to release its adjustable coilover kit for the EG/EK-model Honda Civic. This new coilover kit will be offered alongside the Raceland Civic EP3 coilover kit and features a threaded, blue zinc-plated shock body that allows for the ride height to be adjusted 1 to 3 inches lower than OEM. Hard-anodized aluminum spring seats ensure that height adjustments are made easily. The Civic coilover kit takes advantage of matched spring rates. Available for all ’92–’00 Honda Civics as well as ’89–’91 CRXs.

www.racelandus.com | 801-365-1440


Kaizenspeed/KS Tuned has stepped up to offer H22 users an outstanding alternative to the annoying H23 manual tensioner conversion. As it is well documented, most know that the H22’s factory “auto-tensioner” is prone to failure, resulting in bent valves at the very least. While some go through the hassle of converting to the H23’s manual tensioner, the process is tedious and, thanks to Kaizenspeed, completely unnecessary. Their tensioner allows you to simply remove two bolts, and replace your failed tensioner with this gorgeous CNC-machined, billet-aluminum unit complete with a hardened tension rod and jam nut. A custom adjustment wrench, included with every order, makes for an easy, five-minute installation during a timing belt change. High quality, affordable, and easy to install — three things that should have you H22 owners on Kaizenspeed’s website ordering before they’re all gone!

www.kstuned.com | 509-585-0900

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