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"Four Wheel", March 1, 2013


Perhaps no off-road product has been copied more than the Hi-Lift jack, to the point that the very name has come to define a whole segment, as also happened to Band-Aid and Kleenex. Also referred to as a jack-all or a sheepherder’s jack, knockoffs are available from nearly every farm supply store across the country. Oftentimes they use stamped components and loose, sloppy construction right out of the box. Unlike the imitators, genuine Hi-Lift jacks are made in the USA. What’s more, they cost negligibly more than their competitors. Inexpensive climbing pins and other wear items are easy to source for a genuine Hi-Lift, but good luck finding them for a no-name jack. In our experience you get what you pay for, and a jack is not something that you want to leave to chance when it is supporting the weight of your vehicle.

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