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"Four Wheel", March 1, 2013



I haven’t gotten my first issue from you yet (new subscriber), so I bought the July issue. I wonder if I made a mistake buying your mag — or buying a new Jeep with an automatic. In the In Box department are a couple of guys who don’t care for JKs. The fellow that wrote “It’s a Wave Thing” seems most upset with the likes of me and others who drive automatics.

I started in Jeeps with a ’75 DJ-5 — very modified — with a 727 automatic and two-wheel drive. It got me to every dried-up old town/fire trail the other guys wanted to go to. I waved in it, and I wave in my 2-month-old JK. (I may miss a wave sometime when I’m dodging a rental Taurus next to me.) My new JK will be modified over the years, but you know, it really is a Jeep. If because it’s not a “straight shift” I can’t be in the club, so be it. However, because 4-Wheel & Off-Road is about more than Jeep stick shifts — Fords, Toyota, Chevy, and so on — I’m sure I’ll learn about new ideas (even if I am a 73-year-old broad with bad knees).


P.S You can stop laughing now.

Thanks, Janis. We are still chuckling. You are spot on: Everyone should be in the off-road club regardless of what they drive or how it’s outfitted. That is what makes us Americans. Thanks for pointing it out, and keep on wheelin’!

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