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"Four Wheel", March 1, 2013


BY Rick Pewe

HAPPY NEW YEAR! YES, IT’S THAT TIME to start fresh and new, and that means new people, new places, and new projects in our 4x4 world. It’s great when we have a chance to do these sorts of renewals; it’s what keeps us active, young, and motivated.

One month ago I put out a call in this column for a new staffer, one who could handle the job of this mag and excel in it. As fate would have it, I found that gem while the applications were still pouring in. Our first new staffer is Harry Wagner, who has been freelancing for us and the other dirt titles for a few years. Harry is a great writer, photographer, and wheeler, and he will be a valuable addition to our staff. While he speaks Toyotaese fluently, he is also a fullsize truck guy with a penchant for Jeeps and all other wheeling rigs.

I mentioned that Harry is coming on board as our first new staffer, as I am anticipating hiring another staffer within the year to really get our mag energized and moving forward. We’ll keep all those extra resumes just in case!

Having Harry on board broadens our reach, and that means we will be going more places, both as adventurers and recounting our trips, but also to more of your trail rides and events in this great country. We want to cover what you want to read and see, whether that is in your backyard or across this far-flung world. We don’t limit ourselves to just rocks or mud, so we figure you don’t either. It’s a whole world of wheeling out there, and we intend to deliver it. That’s our New Year’s resolution. Tell us what you want and we can deliver! Remember: You, the reader, are what this magazine is all about.

Finally, we’ll have more cool projects that you’ll want to read about. You may not identify with them at first glance because we are all different in our dreams and desires. But I will guarantee that each and every one of them will have something to offer someone, regardless of year, make, model, and modifications. That means old-skool builds, new vehicle mods, radical 4x4 concepts, and everything in between. We have plenty of ideas and vehicles already in the mix, and want to know your ideas as well. The more we communicate with you, the better the magazine becomes as we cater to your wants and needs. That’s everything from budget builds to dream machines, as well as what we really drive every day. Drop us a line, and watch us grow!

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