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"Fast Bikes", May 1, 2013

Chaz Davies


Chaz Davies

Wow, Chaz actually comes away from PI with some points!

Hi everyone, the last time we spoke I was off to ‘swim’ with sharks in Australia. I can honestly think of worse ways to spend time than that! They were beasts, and it was pretty amazing to see such powerful creatures up close and personal. I’m in Oz to race, but I managed to get a few days at Port Lincoln for my birthday, which was an amazing experience.

However, soon after it was time to get down to business, with our final tests and then the first round of the year, at Phillip Island – which was all the more eventful due to the fact it’s been resurfaced. This meant an utter crash-fest on the first morning of testing, in both classes. I think supersport was stopped five or six times! I managed to get away with it at first, which I was really glad about and it was the same the day after, too.

We then had a few days off before the last test, and it was fun to kick-back on the island and get the last few hours of relaxing in before it became really serious. When testing resumed, of course Phillip Island threw up a completely different climate from just days ago. This caused us a few problems at first, but my guys are amazing and worked their socks off. I’m not even sure if they had any time off when we did!

We ended the test in good shape, even if my position on the time sheet didn’t make it look as such. As everyone knows by now, I’m not big on single, fast flying laps. Race pace is my bag, and so far, so good.

With barely time to breathe it was then the first day back at big school! I actually surprised myself by ending the day in fifth place, and the bike was working wonderfully on used tyres which, for me, is the key. Still, having a solid day at Phillip Island is impressive. I’m not sure if you remember, but my record there is hideous. For some reason I’ve barely ever come away with a result for all sorts of reasons. Could my PI luck be about to change?

Of course not! A technical issue meant I ended up 12th on the grid. It cropped up just when we didn’t need it to, rather typically. It was hugely frustrating after all the work, but I knew the races would be another story.

Which they were, sort of, as I was pleased with fourth in race one. I was pretty pissed at myself for the crash in race two though, and the pitlane mistake but we live and learn. At least I got a result though, which considering my relationship with this place, is a promising start to the season. Right, I’m now off to watch some washed-up biker race on four wheels!

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