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"Fast Bikes", May 1, 2013

Danny Kent


Danny Kent

If Danny Kent can run in the same position as he did in Moto3, we’ll be jumping in front of the telly!

Check me out being in FB two months in a row! I hope you enjoyed our fitness feature last issue, it was hard work but James Toseland is the man to train with alright. He’s retired but fitter than me, I think! I’m currently on my way to Alcaraz, which is a circuit in Spain, for a two-day test with my Tech3 team.

It seems like ages since I won races in Moto3 now, but I’ll never forget that feeling of winning a Grand Prix, and then winning another one. I think the Valencia win is the one which sticks with me most, because I won it at 11am on Remembrance Sunday, and that for me is very special. My first win in Japan was also emotional in many ways, as I was brought back to being a kid as I went over the line. I used to sit on the sofa, watching the guys in MotoGP and the support classes go out. I would sit there and dream that I was there doing that, that it was me taking the flag!

What also struck me was that there are probably lots of others doing the same, watching me win and wishing it was them. I’d hope I’m proof that it can happen, and that it inspires others to do the same. You can follow your dream and make it a reality, you just have to want to.

I had the chance to move up to Moto2 this season and took it. We did have offers to stay in Moto3, good offers, but I was having a few issues with the bikes by that point. I was basically getting too big, snapping subframes and so on when I moved my weight back. The time to move was right, and I think moving with Tech3 was a smart decision.

I have no idea if we had any other offers from different series, my manager didn’t mention any, but we wanted a solid Moto2 ride and got it. Moto2 is a tough class, that much is clear, and the team expects this to be my learning year. Our first tests went quite well, although it was hard to gauge myself against others because of the engine situation. We don’t get the official engines until the next Jerez test, so while we were using a stock CBR motor, some were using supersport tuned ones, some superstock tuned, it was a bit mix and match. So, in case anyone thought my positioning was a bit low during those tests, that’s one big reason why. When we get to Jerez, that will be the first proper time to be measured up against the rest, and I can’t wait.

I’m asked quite often what I do in my down time, aside from all the training. Like anyone else in racing, I have commitments to sponsors to fulfil, but most of those are fun, like a lot of the Bennetts stuff I do. Otherwise, if I’m not spending time with family, I’m seeing friends. I’m only 19, I need to have fun and have a life as well as work. I don’t drink much, never during the season, though JT tells me he used to get smashed each New Year so badly he wouldn’t want to drink again all year! That might work! Thanks in advance for all your support this year.

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