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"Fast Bikes", May 1, 2013


THIS MONTH I HAVE MOSTLY BEEN... “Waiting for bump number two to drop!”

Hey, good lookin’ what ya got cooking?



BHP: 183



It’s that time of year again; longtermer roulette. It’s Rootsy’s first term in the job and I’m already filling out my poll card to re-elect Senor Specs after he handed me the keys to the 2013 Fireblade. How good does it look in the these colours? What a base to start with, but this 21-year-old is going to get some serious love.

So what’s the plan? Although not the most important, the majority of the miles we do are the daily commute to and from work, so I pity BJ and his Panigale. I don’t at all. I’m really jealous of his million pound Italian stallion. And while good road etiquette isn’t top of the priority list, it makes life easier and the Honda is the perfect companion. Plus, I’ll look forward to passing BJ as the 1199 bucks itself into oblivion...

As you’ve already seen from the 1000cc group test, I’ve been getting acclimatised to life onboard the ’Blade. I’m already wet with excitement over the C-ABS and its lifesaving tactics, but it’s the forward momentum that’ll need some attention.

I’ve been busy scouring the decks for an exhaust and working on boosting that top-end. But like I said, the ’Blade ain’t too shabby in standard form, so we’ll just roll and see what happens. While carbon wheels are tempting, the standard wheels are beautifully crafted. And I’d like to have a play with the standard suspension set-up before delving into aftermarket goodies.

Covering more foreign miles this year is something I’ve been shy on in recent times, so that’s going to change for 2013. There’s also the small matter of Ten Kate’s birthday celebrations, so there’s the possibility of doing the Harlem Shake with J-Rea and Leon Haslam over at the TK HQ in Holland. I’m sure they won’t miss their HRC electronics...

If you’ve got a new Fireblade and started modification, don’t be afraid to get in touch with suggestions and queries. We love hearing from you guys about what you’ve done to yours, and you often give invaluable tips on living with them that we sometimes miss. It’s a symbiotic relationship, don’t ya know! Until next month then, people, let the onslaught begin!

Price from new: £12,000

Insurance group 17

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