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"Fast Bikes", May 1, 2013


Let one man loose with Photoshop...


Crash Course

I thought I’d share with you my recent hit-and-run experience. On a busy roundabout on the A40 a black Mercedes cut across me – so I had to react. The bike was lent over, and I had a split second decision to make; either T-bone the side of his car or hit the brakes. I hit the brakes, but lost traction and ended up with 200 kilos of Honda on me. He saw me go down and stopped, only to drive off without even checking I was moving. Thankfully, the armour in my textiles took the brunt of it, and I limped away with bruises, but the bike’s probably a write-off.

So what have I learned? Firstly, as I moaned about going over and over the same thing hundreds of times during my DAS training, a life saver really did what it says on the tin. Without it I’d not have had the extra half-second or so to react. Secondly, no matter how good we think we are, we could always do something better and you can never have enough training. Yes, I avoided hitting him and being in a nastier accident, and I don’t think I could have braked much more subtly. So I’m looking at doing some advanced cornering skills stuff so that if the same thing happens again I have a chance of getting control back. Finally, proper riding kit with armour in it isn’t a luxury. Bikes and clothing can all be replaced. Legs, arms and spines can’t.

Anyway, here’s hoping the police catch the guy, and my insurance gets sorted out fairly quickly – I do like the look of that new Street Triple!

Alex Holmes

Couldn’t have put it better ourselves, Alex. Hope he gets caught...

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A few pics of bikes past and present.



Hello, my name is Joe Chamy and I am a big Fast Bikes fan all the way from Lebanon. It would be awesome to see my baby on your awesome magazine!

Joe Chamy, email

Nice ride Joe, just go easy on the photoshopping!


What is bike racing supposed to be? Foremost, racing should be entertaining – after all it’s not cheap to watch. One of the best races this year was Marquez coming from the back of the grid to win. Moto2, and Moto3 come to that, produce some of the best racing each year. What would I do? Scrap MotoGP for a start; it’s too boring and too expensive. Scrap electronic aides. Have a one make tyre rule and limit engine capacity to 750cc. Have different capacity races. Ban prima donnas from the paddocks. Make racing entertaining and friendly toward the public, like it was when I was a lad with the likes of Surtees, Hailwood, and Minter and even Agostini, those were the days. There, that’s got that off my chest!

Tony, email

Racing certainly needs to change with the times, so what do the rest of you lot think?


Here’s my entry for your “Special Brew” competition. My bike is a one time Triumph T595 (you can tell it was a Daytona by the airbox inlets just above the rad), once used by the Jack Lilley race team and it still has many features retained from the race bike, like Dymag magnesium wheels, Beringer six piston calipers and Beringer discs. It also has many titanium fittings, like engine mounting bolts and rear wheel retaining nut as well as all the general fasteners. Since then I have added a Black Widow underseat exhaust and an Öhlins shock that works with the Maxton forks. The Paint was done by Tewkesbury’s ‘Born To Be Wild” with it “Registered in Bognor Regis” due to the bike being built by myself and Triumph guru Clive Wood (Lilley’s team manager). I have now had the bike in my own stable for about 13 years and it still gets admired wherever it goes. Hope you like it.

Paul Messenger, email

Originally brewed by the Danes for Winston Churchill, it seems apt that the paint scheme ends up on a Triumph. Can you do Al a scrumpy based Street Triple?


I have been following BJ’s work on project TZR. I know you guys love the SP version and I am lucky enough to own a 3XV with the full 70bhp. I have just recently finished restoring the bike with some (in truth, a lot of) help from both Simon and Danny. I thought a picture would help inspire BJ to get a move on.

Simon, Hong Kong

If you didn’t live so far away BJ would be on the first boat out there now!


I’m sure one day we may get bored of Marc Marquez pictures from his latest test getting his elbow down. But we’ve not got to that point yet thankfully. Enjoy!

Pete Van Auken

He’s basically getting his rib cage down – look how tucked in his elbow is.

Bob Dorman

Don’t think those laws of physics he’s using apply to me

Gary Mason

How on earth does it keep gripping at that angle... Amazing. I wonder if his leathers can go full race distance though?


A hole from a tumble last year. Freebee patches from yearsssss ago have finally come in handy! Haha.


Dusted off and took out around South Queensferry, Fife and Falkirk with my dad.


Didn’t go for a ride but my son helped me wash it after he had done his car.


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