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"Fast Bikes", May 1, 2013


The system for the Ducati Panigale caused more than a few head scratches...


“We thought we had to something with the Panigale because it is such a statement of a machine. But it’s proved to be very challenging. We know what will and what won’t work on a bike, and we saw the aftermarket Termi system and saw it wouldn’t work – the dyno proves this. It’s since been redesigned to make it work in a different way. They tried to create length by making it fat – 70mm out of the rear cylinder to give it some volume as they couldn’t get the length needed. We started with a blank sheet and there’s the practicality of building it, where can the exhaust go and how do we fit it? It’s expensive trying to get the right tooling, and we had some massive quotes to tool some small parts. But we’re really pleased with what we’ve come up with and we know that it works and we’ve done a lot of work with the dB killer because this is important for this bike – and that there’s a market for it.

Rich Austin - Austin Racing

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