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"Fast Bikes", May 1, 2013

Naked Ambition: Honda CB500F

The CB500F is one of the best wet-weather bikes out there...


After a morning onboard the R, we switched to the CB500F. Again, the visually impaired might get confused with the CB1000R, such are the big-bike lines and styling. With an identical spec list and geometry to the R, Honda’s ergonomics department have been busy shifting the upright bar positioning.

Expecting bugger-all disparity, I was surprised at the impact of the weight distribution caused by sitting further back. Revelling in comfort, the front lifted easier and although there was less weight over the nose, pushing harder in the corners came more naturally to the F. The shift in bias only upset the shock to trivia levels – its action lacked the supreme plushness of the R and didn’t like soaking up the bumps as well.

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