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"Fast Bikes", May 1, 2013

Park Homes?

Help save the UK’s friendliest circuit

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As we go to press, Mallory Park faces a battle for its very survival. After an expansion beyond racing into events, growing complaints about the motocross track and a increasingly difficult relationship with a small section of local residents, the Friendly Circuit is facing massive restrictions on the number of days it is allowed to use the circuit. A November 2012 agreement with the local council that saw a 20 per cent cut in activity was rejected by the local liaison group. Meanwhile, the council then served legal proceedings against the circuit for five breeches of a previous agreement in 2012. Complaints from residents (many of whom have lived in the area for years and aren’t fresh into the village) have increased steadily over time, but the punitive punishment for this was to cut all mid-week activity apart for the traditional Wednesday test day.

Rumours, and they are only rumours at this point, suggest that should activity be curbed to make the circuit no longer viable as a business then the area could be open to offers to developers. Many circuits are feeling the wrath of local residents, as Croft, Donington Park, Brands Hatch and Castle Combe (to name a few) can all attest to. Should Mallory Park succumb to this fate we will be losing a historic track, the scene of many a thrilling race, and a genuinely friendly track that serves its audience perfectly. If one goes, could be that more do too, so it’s best for us all to get behind this, and see if we can save a piece of motorsport history.

Stick in SaveMallory into social media for more info.

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