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"Fast Bikes", May 1, 2013

More HP Sauce on the menu?


We’ve always loved the HP2 Sport, and with a possible 160bhp to play with, we’ll love it even more!

The changes to the R 1200 GS motor, as we reported on last month, are key to the new adventure bike. An added element of liquid cooling, coupled with big internal revisions boost power – but this is just the beginning. Like the engine before it, BMW has plans to house the boxer twin in something more sporty. Joseph Miritsch, BMW’s head of R series development, takes over the story.

“Obviously we haven’t made this new engine singularly for the R 1200 GS. The future legislations when it comes to emission and noise are very important but also fuel consumption is certainly a factor, so it is likely to appear in future models. People talk of this engine as liquid-cooled, but what we have done is displaced the oil and changed it for water, there is still a large part air-cooled – it is still predominantly an air-cooled engine. Air-cooling is part of the design, it is logical. The radiators on the GS are very small as the motor has so much air-cooling.

“This new engine is not our most powerful Boxer motor, it makes 125bhp while the HP2 Sport made 135bhp. You can guess yourself what may be coming in the future, right now I am only thinking of the GS, however if you look at the design of the engine and cylinder head then you will see it has rockers like the S 1000 RR – you don’t make an engine at the start of its life as powerful as it can be. We are looking forward and there are more places to develop the engine and more power to be gained, I think this engine is surely good for 150-160bhp. The four-valve Boxer engine has been built for 20 years, I would predict this new engine has 10 or 20 years of life easily with some development.” A new HP2 Sport? We can’t wait.

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