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"Fast Bikes", January 1, 2013

Chaz Davies


What do we reckon then, folks? More win s for the Chazzle dazzle in 2013?

Hi folks, it must nearly be Christmas by the time you read this, right? I’m taking a break from being an international racer to go buy some paint – rock and roll! So, I decided to catch up with you at the same time before heading to the shops.

I’m glad to report I’ve finally ridden my new BMW S 1000 RR in dry weather, although not for very long! Our first test was pretty much a wash-out, neither me or Marco Melandri got more than a handful of laps. We were due to test at Jerez, but the weather was so bad there we decided, as did Yamaha’s MotoGP team, to up sticks and go to Aragon instead. Guess what happened?

It rained so hard nobody barely bothered. Jorge Lorenzo crashed after two laps, while Valentino Rossi did one out lap, then went home. A lot of people were interested to see the difference between the WSB and MotoGP tackle on Aragon’s WSB layout, but I guess we’ll have to wait a little longer for that to happen.

I like the bike a lot – it’s quite normal, in fact. When I first rode the Aprilia it took some getting used to, but here I don’t think it’ll take as long, although I’m going to need to learn a lot about how to make the best of the electronics. The engine seems a bit peaky at the moment, which it would compared to a V4, but it’s quick – there’s no doubt about that! We just needed some dry time to bed in properly, and thankfully luck was in our favour.

On day two we managed to get those dry laps in, but the track wasn’t great. Cars had been there and the corner entries were thick with rubber. I’ve never quite seen it that bad, and it was very slippy to the point where I ended up using the wrong part of the track just to be safe. I’m learning the bike, and an avoidable crash wouldn’t help! The biggest difference, as I said last month, was being in the factory team. Even how they can adjust the handlebars alone is amazing, and if there’s a piece that doesn’t have the necessary adjustment, they go back to the workshop and make it from scratch! Only a couple of times in my entire career has this happened, but one must be careful, too. With this level of commitment, you could literally spend days and days just working on the perfect riding position! It’s a different world to a private team, completely different, and I need to up my game to bring myself in line with all the effort going on around me. I already love the team and just want time on the bike. We have one more test prior to Crimbo, I’m a bit comfier on the bike now, so it’s time to crack on!

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