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"Fast Bikes", January 1, 2013

Alastair Fagan

Al’s learned more this year racing the pups than in any other season


Racing is addictive and I’m an addict. The sport I love has also saved me from a distorted life of alcoholism and debauchery, which is why I’m continuing into 2013 and beyond! This season has taught me back-to-basics racecraft and track skills, pushing the boundaries of grip and brutal corner speed purely because I’ve had to.

What happens next year is all down to JHS Racing – my longterm sponsors and best buddies of FB. After a fruitful TT this year, James and the team are heading back to the Isle of Man next season to win the Supertwins class, and take what we’ve learnt this year into 2013. The SV650s are already stripped and undergoing surgery.

James also has plans to build a Superstock and Supersport bike for the TT races, so hopefully well get a run for some development work for the TT and get to race in Thundersport GB and a few wildcard BSB rounds. The bikes depend on what happens in the coming weeks but, with any luck, we’ll have some positive news soon.

I’m not going to lie – I’d love to be racing at the highest level and believe that, with the right financial backing, commitment levels and equipment, we’d do alright. Like life itself, racing can reward you with the ultimate destiny and success, yet it can also lead you down some dark and dingy pathways. Trust me, I’ve been there...

Just chatting to guys this season who are making big plans for 2013, some with manufacturer ‘backing’, are the same guys who I’ve been dicing with in previous years. Injury sucks balls, eh? Some ya win, some ya lose, but I’ve got a fucking cool job and they’re still living with momma.

You can’t knock the quality, entertainment aspect and visual splendour of the British superbike championship, but the technology levels are getting a little silly, as with most motorsport at elite level. Control ECUs, control fuel, and control tyres – what’s next? Control suspension? Only crappy in daylight hours? There’s no doubting the theory works in the favour of bar-banging racing, but it does bugger all for rival manufacturers and their development strategies.

Beaky and I will be forming Team Fast Bikes in the Thundersport GB paddock next season and we’ve got some exciting plans, not just for us but for you guys and gals, too. Stay locked in and see you next year!

Team JHS Racing

JHS is the South West’s leading independent race, service, and tuning specialists JHSRACING.CO.UK - 01179 868844


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