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"Fast Bikes", January 1, 2013

Macau Mash Up!


Can Rossi overcome Marquez? Or Lorenzo?!

Hi FB readers, I’m just back from the Macau Grand Prix, and let’s just say it was great to end the year on a positive note. In fairness, I’ve had better racing years than 2012. I was riding in world supersport, as it was time that I moved up to world level and WSB is where I really want to be. But it didn’t work out on the supersport bike for me. I just couldn’t get my head around the way it needed to be ridden, having already ridden in a certain fashion for 15 years on superbikes. It also didn’t help that I had two shoulder injuries just weeks apart around March, including a broken collarbone at the NW200. I was racing again just two weeks later, which in hindsight wasn’t very wise. But we live and learn... Well, we live, at least!

I love the WSB paddock though, the atmosphere is unbelievably laid back between all the riders off the track. But on it, it’s utterly vicious. In BSB it’s almost the exact opposite! I want to race in WSB for 2013 though, and am working on it right now.

I did get time to see some of my British pals in Macau though, the fourth time I’ve been out there. I just love the place, and it’s hard to describe the entire experience. The atmosphere and the city is great, and the racers are so relaxed it’s a bit like a jolly – until we get on track. I love the circuit, but it needs treating with respect and we lost Luis Carreira this year, which was so sad. RIP, Luis…

But the racing goes on, even if I did fluff my start and was way back on lap one. Michael Rutter was already well in the lead when I got into second place. I was catching him, but my gamble on a soft-tyre didn’t pay off. I really wanted to battle with him, Mr Macau, but he’s so good there and I had no grip. Yeah, disappointed with second (again!), but at least the year ended on a high and, hey, there’s always next year!

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