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"Fast Bikes", January 1, 2013

Pit Pass




Casey Stoner left MotoGP forever by standing on the podium at Valencia, which was rather fitting. And more fitting still, as he wasn’t even trying. It just goes to show the guy’s talent is ludicrous, which is also the reason Valentino Rossi now sits in awe of the feisty Aussie. Rossi ‘knows’ now just how special. While Vale was being lapped (ouch...) at Valencia, Casey just plodded on to the rostrum. On the grid beforehand, he only just stopped short of saying, “I’ve had enough of this complete bullshit,” so vociferous was he that he was done and didn’t want to be there. He didn’t want to race in the rain, take any risks, or crack any smiles. Frankly, we’re amazed he bothered starting. But that’s Casey – can’t be arsed, one eye on going home, but still bags a third. His erstwhile rivals have all voiced their despair at his decision to leave, but secretly we bet that with they’re not only relieved he’s going, but likely wish he’d gone even earlier! For our wish, we want to see him do every WSB and MotoGP round that goes to Oz each season. Wouldn’t it be amazing if he just turned up and smoked them all, every year? That said, if wishes were horses, Casey would be the kid feeding them every morning. See ya, sport, don’t be a stranger...

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