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"Fast Bikes", January 1, 2013


If you’re in the market for some fancy new pegs, then this is what you’re after...

TIME ON TEST: 9 months (FBK 262)


BHP: 113



THIS MONTH I HAVE MOSTLY BEEN… “Cleaning off the relentless winter grime...”

I got a lift in to work this morning from a mate – in his car. We spent a good half an hour travelling just a couple of miles. It was this that reminded me once more about how fantastic our choice of transport really is.

I know winter is well and truly upon us, and salty grime can be a real pain. But by Christ, don’t you feel liberated as much now as you did in the finer months.

The Kawasaki has had three washes this month, and it could easily have had ten times that amount. Winter grime’s a horrid fact of winter riding, there’s no getting away from it. But it shouldn’t detract from your riding pleasure. Of course, we can’t ride like we can in summer, but it’s still huge fun seeing what you can get away with.

New tyres haven’t hindered this either, although the choice may surprise you. Off came the road racing tyre from Bridgestone, and on went a road racing tyre from Dunlop. I’ve lived with a set of Dunlop GP Racer D211 rubber through a winter before on my ZX-10R. So it wasn’t a truly blind/stupid decision. You wouldn’t expect it, but they’re really rather good in wet conditions. Loads of feel and feedback allow for way more than steady away antics, resulting in lots of pleasurable rides.

I didn’t even have to scrub them in, as the Black Mamba did it for me. He loved the Duck by the way – find out more from page 34, if you haven’t already.

Once I’d got the bike back from the test track, I added the Promach rearsets to the mod list this month. I introduced these billet aluminium CNC machined items a couple of months ago. Super sexy, beautifully made and they offer bags of useful, effective adjustment.

It had been far too long since I’d ridden with a set. Knowing how good they are I was desperate to get them on. Riding with Promach’s is awesome, they’re super rigid and incredibly grippy. You’d be hard pushed to have a boot slip off these little dancers.

I can’t stress this point enough, I really, really can’t. If you find yourself in the market for new pegs, you would be doing your riding an injustice if you don’t take a look Promach’s way. It’s also worth pointing out that all parts are available as spares too. Winner...

contact: Promach 01455 213233 www.promach.co.uk

Price from new: £8,599

Insurance group: 15

Modifications Price

ASV levers £173.00

GB Racing protection £167.00

Bridgestone R10 tyres £265.00

Dymag carbon wheels £2,600.00

Kawasaki screen £82.95

Kawasaki seat cover £160.95

Power Commander V £334.98

Scorpion RP-1 GP can £499.00

Yoshimura R-11 £682.00

Promach rearsets £355.00

Dunlop GP 211 tyres £200.00


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