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"Fast Bikes", January 1, 2013


About the closest Beej will ever get to riding a pish bike! Sorry, push bike...



BHP: 110



THIS MONTH I HAVE MOSTLY BEEN… “Riding the CBR lots. Yay!”

It’s a relatively slow month for the CBR in terms of mods, but that’s mostly been down to time. Plus, of course, I had to lend it the Mamba for our core test you’ll find earlier in the mag. Had he given it back in time, perhaps I could have done some more. For the time being, the Bazzaz will have to wait until next month. Again, yes, I know...

With the weather only heading down one route, I took the chance to taste dry, sunny roads during the weekend just gone. A freak November weekend saw sun-kissed Tarmac, and one wonderful excuse to get out and about. So I headed off towards Weston-super-Mare, via back roads and Cheddar Gorge, a journey of around 50-miles from home. A quick cuppa in a lay-by later, and then down the A38 past Burham-on-Sea to Bridgewater before hanging a right and jumping on the A39 to St Audries and Williton. It’d only been a couple of hours up to that point, but what a fantastic day with the CBR purring away beneath me. Even though it’s a full Akrapovic system fitted, it isn’t loud enough to be offensive, but strong enough to sound great onboard, whether pootling along or blazing. I kept going along the coast until I finally hit Brauton for an ice-cream.

After that it was a quick fill- up for the return leg of the journey. This time I zoomed back on the A361 to the M5, and went a short journey before turning off to go across the Mendips toward Bath. It’s times like this that makes me realise how lucky I am to be in this position, and also how thankful I am that bikes came into my life at all! Nothing can beat the riding sensation when the sun’s up and the bike is feeling good, even jumping out of aeroplanes doesn’t quite match it! Best yet, is after a ride like this I always feel more relaxed than when I set off. The CBR was the perfect companion, and I’d urge everyone to get out if the sun shows its life...” face, even if just for a little while. Winter doesn’t mean biking has to stop...

Speaking of which, that was also the last ride for the Pirelli Supercorsas. They’ve been terrific, and to be fair have not been an issue in the freezing cold or soaking wet rides to work. However, I deemed it was Michelin Pilot Road 3 time, my favourite winter tyre. They allow me to ride without having to worry so much in this weather, because they warm up unbelievably fast and the wet grip is astonishing. Had I wanted to have some winter track action, or hard riding, I would have gone for Bridgestones’ BT23 as they are nearly as good as the PR3 in the wet, but can do circuit work too. But seeing as I’ve given up on that idea for the time being, the Michelin’s are perfect. If you ride in the winter, do give them a try, you’ll be amazed, you really will.

Price from new: £9,400

Insurance group: 16

Modifications Price

Sigma slipper clutch £659.99

BST carbon wheels £2,649.10

Akrapovic full system £1,199.00

Pirelli SC’s £250.00

Michelin PR3 Tyres £250.00


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