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"Fast Bikes", January 1, 2013


Shit, JHS James has gone bald! Oh wait, hang on, it’s that bloke from Master Chef...



BHP: 167

GAIN: 10


THIS MONTH I HAVE MOSTLY BEEN… “Controlling the flow of my juices...”

Straight after the Mamba had wiped his sweat from the seat of the Gixer, I headed to JHS Racing in the search for horsepower. Again. You see, I’m a bhp addict. In case you hadn’t noticed, we’re also hot on pioneering products that make your bike more wiz-bang and go faster, so let us introduce you to JetPrime.

JetPrime is a fuel control module – but with a difference. It uses the standard airbox pressure sensor to change the air/fuel ratio, while all (we think) other systems on the market use RPM over the throttle position sensor to work the fuelling out. This is all very well, but such is the sophistication of modern ram-air technology, the variables have to be accounted for. This also means you don’t have to whack another ton on for dyno time, either from circuit-to-circuit or season-to-season.

The timing couldn’t have been better – I’ve been after a fuelling module for the Gixer since fitting the Yoshi’ system. It’s been fluffier than a week’s worth of belly button contents. First impressions last, and we were pleased with the fitting process. All the connectors beautifully click into place (saying something for the Suzuki build) and anyone can attempt to fit the JetPrime, due to the instructions.

Being Italian, JetPrime units don’t mystically fly over the UK, so Pipercross are the importers. This meant sampling a Pipercross air filter to compliment the JetPrime. The end result is a stonking 172bhp on the dyno. After a base run (to ensure fairness and correct temp/atmospheric pressures) the net result is a 3bhp – realtime results are insane.

This GSX-R is the closet thing to time travel you’ll ever experience. My ten mile commute involves opening the throttle and, before you know it, I’ve arrived at work/returned home in what seems like seconds. Maybe it is. Its midrange (and noise) borders on warp-speed ridiculousness and I’m surprised I haven’t been banged up, yet...

Price from new: £10,999

Insurance group: 17

Modifications Price

Nemesis TCS £1,788.00

Talon sprocket £32.47

BST carbon wheels £2,645.10

Avon 3D Ultras £260.00

Pipe Werx Tri Oval £250.00

Maxton GP10 shock £834.00

MWR filter £99.99

R&G tank protectors £65.00

Yoshimura R-77 system £1,035.00

JetPrime unit £264.00

Pipercross road air filter £63.48



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