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"Fast Bikes", January 1, 2013


THIS MONTH I HAVE MOSTLY BEEN… “Making her less powerful and more heavy...”



BHP: 183



Riding down to Austin Racing’s south coast base has always been a pleasure this year, but in this instance it was a proper pain. Why? Well it pissed down for most of the way, but mainly because despite being the last bike in, BMW was determined to make the S 1000 RR the first bike back, so that meant stripping the bike of all it’s lovely accoutrements – many of which belonged to the fine folks of Austin Racing.

After an hour or two, the bike was back in its standard form. The lightweight Inconel system had been replaced by the lardy stock unit. The original belly pan was back on, I’d swapped the Gilles rearsets back to original and all the crash protection had come off. All told, I had no more bolts left, so everything that came off went back on – and that’s what I call a proper result!

The next day saw me whip off the R&G tail tidy, and that was it; standard. But, there was a but. I’d backed two of the licence plate holder bolts off to route all the wiring through to under the pillion seat – and forgot to do them back up… Until then I was well chuffed with the job, but then the thought crossed my mind on the motorway and I pulled over to check. Two had disappeared, so I nipped the third one up and then found some bolts at home. But they weren’t BMW ones, so there will be forever two rogue bolts amid a sea of torx ones.

But that won’t cloud my time with the BMW. I returned it back to Vines of Guildford a few miles shy of 7,500 on the clocks, and each one has been special. Amazingly, riding it as BMW intended made this machine feel a little inhibited. Gone was the growl and the instant hit of speed, replaced with a more civilised tone and a renewed considered relationship with speed. It’ll achieve the feats of before, but it requires a smidgen more dedication to do so. You get used to a bike in whatever form you most ride it in, and any change is immediately highlighted, but in this case I did feel saddened that as soon as the Dynojet PCV cable had been pulled out the BMW had lost something – not least 10bhp.

So I survived my six months with a BMW S 1000 RR. There were times where I thought I wouldn’t, but it just goes to show you that you should always trust German engineering. Auf weidersehen you utter German mentalist – it’s been very emotional...


BMW Motorrad and Vines of Guildford

Price from new: £14,085

Insurance group 17

Modifications | Price

GB Racing crash protection £195.45

MRA screen £64.80

Dynojet PCV £328.00

R&G Racing spindle protection £51.66

Dunlop Sportsmart £230.00

K&N Filter £45.99

AR Carbon bellypan £419.00

R&G Racing tail tidy £80.98

AR Inconel system £1918.80

R&G Racing bungs £124.99

AR GP2 can £898.18


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