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"Fast Bikes", January 1, 2013



Love the mag, I’ve been reading it for 10 years. Awesome job lads, keep it up! While in Egypt in September this year we spotted this customised machine that was used to collect dirty laundry and I couldn’t resist having my pic taking with the latest edition of your mag... It’s not quite the Gixer 750 I ride back home, but thought worth a pic!

Groovy, Stamford

That’s great, so long as you didn’t pick up any skidmarks…


First of all, keep up the good work lads. I am currently serving in Afghanistan and obviously there are a few home comforts I’m missing, but that’s life! The two main things I am missing are my 2011 CBR600RR (picture attached) and women! As an avid reader of your magazine I’m pretty familiar with the centrefolds that include a rather attractive young lady and an equally attractive bike, so would it be possible to combine the two things I am missing the most and do a shoot with my bike. Or one like it and a hot chick? If you don’t ask, you don’t get!

Cpl Greg Watson, 4 Brigade Reconnaissance Force, Afghanistan

That’s a sweet machine there Greg, but you’ll have to trick it up some more before we let a lady at it! If you think you’ve got a machine worthy of our Addiction pages, send it in to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to win a £2,600 set of Dymags!


I am currently serving in Afghanistan on my third tour of duty and after seeing my buddy getting his ugly mug printed posing on a quad with a group of other lads I thought I’d try my luck at getting my pride and joy featured in some way. I spent last winter tinkering and designing what is now the love of my life (don’t tell the missus!). What you see is my creation, I designed the extra decals myself and had them made by Pitty’s custom vinyls. The exhaust system is one of two made and is titanium from the headers back. Everything else you guys and figure out I reckon. The dream is to put some more work into it and having it featured as the Addiction bike but she’s not quite there yet. Hope you like what I’ve done. Oh and she sounds immense!

Josh Thompson

We like it, josh. Keep up the good work and you’ll be back on the trumpet before you know it!


I thought I might send you some pics of my new coffee table, I thought you might appreciate it as much as I do. This was the first bike I ever rode, a Yamaha TZR125, which my father got me when I was 14 to learn around the yard on. It was going to scrap and dad salvaged it for me and got it going. Since then I’ve moved on and up in the bike world and the TZR was sat at the side of my shed for the best part of eight years. It was beyond repair, so now instead of it sitting in my garage, my very first bike sits in my sitting room!

Dan Tynan, email

Wow, BJ will commission you to build one of these right now. No, really, he will. He loves anything to do with TZRs. Your first commission?


Great mag, and a lovely picture of Alastair putting the Dymag’s on the Kawisaki, but shouldn’t he be spending his time and money on fixing the roof of his house that’s pictured in the background?!

Noel Mulloy, British Columbia

A good spot Noel, but Al actually doesn’t live there. You see It’s too far away from a McDonalds…


That’s Absolutely Nuts

I own a Triumph Speed Triple 1050. I bought it last year and since then I have always been getting a few acorns on top of my radiator, but I had no idea where they were coming from. My service was due, so completed it at the weekend, which included an air filter change. Finally, I can now say where the acorns were coming from! Apparently the guy who owned it before me lived on a farm, so I’m guessing it was a squirrel or a mouse.

Chris Rogers, Weymouth

You do know these animals have squatters rights now?! And it’s a good job you didn’t buy it of Fagan for all the Maccas wrappers stuffed inside...

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