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"Fast Bikes", January 1, 2013


In December 2010, Murray Hambro was serving in Afghan in an armored personnel carrier called a Warthog, but hit an IED and was launched 40 feet in the air. “The shockwaves alone smashed most of the bones in my feet and I had a big list on injuries from a fractured pelvis and six vertebrae fractures, to a scratch on my nose and a ruptured liver and spleen. 24 hours later, I was in the Queen Elizabeth in Birmingham as a double leg amputee. My left foot was a no-brainer – there were very few bones left intact. My right leg could’ve been saved but I would have been in and out of hospital for the next three years, foot fused and walking with a stick. The surgeon reckoned that, because of my age, I’d be up and walking with prosthetics within a few months. I made the final decision.”

After a few months, the docs asked Murray about his interests and hobbies. He mentioned motorcycling, but there was some shoulder shrugging and they suggested finding a new hobby.

“As soon as I left hospital, I went down to the nearest Triumph dealer and bought a Daytona 675. One minute I was down at Headley Court (the Army’s second-to-none rehab centre) doing my rehab with my new prosthetics, taking my first few steps, next I’m motorcycling racing!

“Obviously I’ve had the armed forces compensation and I had a couple of private policies. Going to Afghan, you’d be a fool not to take them, and hopefully the payout has secured my future – it’s just a case of spending wisely. I’ve just done eight back-to-back race weekends and rushing to get my Clubman license, so I can try to race in the Triumph T3 Challenge in 2013. The money is starting to run dry!”

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