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"Fast Bikes", January 1, 2013


When the first one only lasted a day, you’d be sure to look after your second Bimota SB6-R...

Daz morris’

I bought my first Bimota SB6-R in May 2000. 168 miles later it had been written off after I got knocked off it! So this machine is what I spent the insurance payout on – but by then Bimota was bankrupt, so I bought it for just £7,500 – about ten grand off list!

Over the last eight years the bike has slowly developed into what you see today, and the bits I’ve added go towards righting the bike’s original wrongs, or simply replacing bits that broke.

The front original Piaoli forks were agricultural, at best, so that’s why I stuck on an Öhlins front end – Road and Track forks with superbike internals. They took a bit of work to fit, using an SB8-R lower yoke, and a one-off billet top yoke, and then I fitted an Öhlins steering damper. The rear shock was Öhlins to begin with, so I’ve just added a 10mm longer link to raise rear ride height.

The original bodywork slowly cracked itself to bits, hence why I’ve swapped it with carbon fibre. I’ve had to do this twice now, after I highsided during a trackday at Rockingham. The original clocks are still somewhere at the track in the gravel for all I know, so that’s why I’ve fitted the Translogic dash The motor is from the GSX-R1100, and although the internals are stock, it’s still making 143bhp. It helps that it uses a full titanium system and a bigger airbox, but that’s still pretty healthy. I’ve got plans to get some engine work done, but for now that’s more than enough...”




Full Titanium quickshifter Renthal SRS 525 chain Custom built wiring loom


Marvic Penta 2 Mag wheels Öhlins Road and Track forks Öhlins steering damper Bimota SB8-R yoke Brembo Monobloc calipers Brembo radial brake cylinder Brembo radial clutch cylinder discs with custom carriers Billet clip-ons


Full carbon fibre fairing Translogic Micro dash Titanium fasteners/bolts Melted Sliders billet filler Melted Sliders clock mount

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