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"Fast Bikes", January 1, 2013


The Mamba has it spot on, in that the CBR is now the equal of its peers, rather than necessarily outpacing them. With the mods made, weighing in at around five large, some may find that disappointing and I can understand that, because I was a little bit. However, the bonus is that even though the CBR’s balls are back in its pants, and it’s a big improvement, it hasn’t lost any of the traits that make it so nice on the road. In fact some, like the Sigma slipper-clutch, has made it even better. There’s still bits to do on it though, a few more tweaks and twiddles, so keep an eye on the longterm page for the last few mods, before it’s sent home.

PRICE NEW: £9,400

MOD’S: £4,758


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