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"Fast Bikes", January 1, 2013



Previously, the differences between the base model and the R have been fairly negligible, but this time (despite the negligible price difference) the two are miles apart when you dissect the geometry and performance data. Yes, the engine is identical, but the suspension is very budget and nonadjustable, yet will still trounce the opposition’s shite. The swingarm pivot position is 4mm lower than the R (not as much focus on stopping squat) and the rake/trail is massively lazier. The brake master cylinder’s diameter goes from 19mm on the R, to 14mm on the base model. Also, the seat height is 20mm lower, due to the suspension differences. At £6,999, it’s still a bargain! There is also a limited run of 'launch-edition' R models that come fitted with a barrage of kit and priced at £8,330.

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