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"Fast Bikes", January 1, 2013

Honda CBR600RR


We weren’t expecting massive changes to Honda’s CBR600RR, and broadly speaking there are no big surprises to the 2013 machine. But some subtle tweaks here and there should make the aging supersport scrapper a more palatable prospect. First up comes the new look. Honda claims this is inspired by MotoGP (well, you’ve got to justify the massive spend on racing somehow), but there’s no arguing with the results from the wind tunnel – a 6.5 per cent reduction in drag. We’ll take that. Something else we’ll grab is a set of Showa’s Big Piston Forks. Though not the latest spec unit used by the Kawasaki ZX-6R, the Showa unit is a class act and should suit the CBR600RR well. To compliment this comes a few changes to the frame, which sees certain areas lightened to improve the bike’s centre of gravity. A set of snazzy cast aluminium 12-spoke wheels sets the new look off a treat, and both the Repsol and HRC paintjobs look stunning. That’ll do – for now.

You’ll note we’ve made no mention of the powerplant. Well, nor has Honda. The lump itself stays standard, although Honda has seen fit to have a fiddle with the fuel injection mapping. So expect no extra power, but some improved refinement to the already smooth delivery.

Like last year’s Fireblade upgrade, we’re pleased that there are some changes, but disappointed that there aren’t as many as we’d hoped. Well, you can’t have everything...

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