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"Fast Bikes", April 1, 2013

Chaz Davies


Chaz Davies

If Marco suffers from ‘short-bloke-syndrome’, having Chaz as team-mate won’t help much!

Hi folks, how’s the weather? I only ask as I’m, of course, in Australia waiting to kick off! Things got busy after some time off after the first test, though I spent most of my time pissing myself at the video of Taylor Mackenzie crashing into a greenhouse!

Soon it was time for my team launch in Germany. Better yet, was my friend and former team-manager Guiliano Rovelli actually came to Munich to attend the launch. Considering he doesn’t even run BMW kit this year, I think I can safely say we’re good mates, even though I left his squad.

Firstly, though, was another annual trial to endure – saying goodbye to Mum. This time I’m ‘only’ going away for six weeks, but once again you’d think I was going for a tour in Afghanistan, rather than racing around Phillip Island given all those tears!

I did have time to take in a rugby match though, and it was great to see Wales put such a good shift in against Ireland during the second half. It was an amazing atmosphere in the Millennium stadium. Then it was time to head off to Germany, and an awesome dinner of schnitzel and strudels with the team. Man, it’s good to see these guys again, roll on 2013!

Our launch went pretty well, and was hosted by Toby Moody, which was cool as we don’t get to see him very often, being in WSB. I also got the chance to see behind the scenes in the R&D department and all the work that goes on there. Honestly, it’s super impressive and completely inspiring. Anyone who believes our WSB effort isn’t proper ‘factory’ needs to think again!

It was good to see the MotoGP boys out testing too, and interesting to observe how my semi-bro-in-law got on (Michael Laverty). I think he did better than expected, but whenever I think of Sepang and Malaysia, I can’t help thinking about the Nandos joint in Kuala Lumpur where they ask you how you like your chicken cooked. Er, cooked would be good! Which reminds me, I’d best warn some of the GP boyo’s about that one!

After Munich it was briefly back to London, and a coffee with James Toseland and some mates, before jumping on the plane. Man, I hate this flight, but coming back is always worse. Well, usually at any rate, and this trip out actually wasn’t too bad. But you must excuse me. I’ve just got up here in Oz at 4am to watch Wales play France (well done boys!), and am now off to cage-swim with great white sharks! Not that I’ve got anything to worry about. Unless they’re short of a toothpick, mind!

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