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"Fast Bikes", April 1, 2013

WSB Kick’s Off!

Knowing which Brit’ to root for in 2013 is going to be bloody hard!


It’s that time of year once again, where we get to strain our minds into the future, to predict who came out on top at WSB’s opener at Phillip Island. The reason being, of course, that by the time you read these words, you will already know!

Crucial Year

This is indeed a seminal year for WSB, as there’s a chance this could be the last time we see it in this current format. Recent signs, however, have pointed to the fact that new organisers Dorna (those that also run MotoGP), may be listening to what they’re being told inside the WSB paddock. Initial reports had Dorna turning WSB into a superstock-style class. To them, it made sense, as MotoGP would become much faster, and surely that would be an easy way of cutting costs? Perhaps, but it isn’t just WSB to consider here, but the knock-on effect on national racing series, mostly all production based, albeit not quite WSB-spec.

We Are One

Before his unceremonious dumping out of the picture, Paolo Flammini and InFront were working hard toward unifying all of the national series, with WSB as the pinnacle. It was a good idea then, and one we think should run now. But if you dumb down WSB to stock fare, then where exactly is the pinnacle? A point Dorna now concedes, and after discussing the rules with manufacturers, the powers have realised none have any interest at all racing such a pared down series.

Is That Light?

There’s been talk of a spec’ ECU for WSB, much like in world supersport and the CRT category in MotoGP. We think they’re missing a trick, though. Why not make the electronics suite on each WSB machine proprietary? As in they can only use what comes on the road bike? It’s not a daft idea, especially as Aprilia’s WSB electronics are near as dammit identical to the road bike’s. The difference is in the number of sensors, unlocked abilities and the clever staff to run it. Why can’t everyone do that? Just think of the sophistication available to us!

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