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"Fast Bikes", April 1, 2013


THIS MONTH I HAVE MOSTLY BEEN... “Waiting for the return of the serviced R6...”

Charlie went to watch Willis, while Alastair went to see A Life of Pi...



BHP: 111



Last month I wrote about the effect leaving the R6 standing without appropriate ‘winter care’ had had and how I had made things passable with some much needed cleaning and lubricating. Well, when the bike went home for its third service to Yamaha Towers I received a very polite email that pretty much said, “passable my arse, what have you done to our bike.”

The chain was done in, the sprockets needed replacing and the tyres should be condemned – a lot of this was due to the mileage of course – but a lack of care had not helped. In addition to this they found that the Power Commander was playing up which still needs further investigation. The main thing is that I’ve got her back, which given the fact that most of the fleet has gone back is a massive bonus – especially as even after 12 months I have not finished yet. We have a couple more adventures to come.

So I’m planning the month, and there’s a few long, domestic runs to look forward too. One will be taking me up the west coast and back down the east. The thing with this weather is that you just cannot tell what you are going to get, so as a precaution have fitted a set of Oxford’s “Hot Hands”. I’ve always had heated grips before but I’m a convert to these. They’re not fixed so are fully transferable, easy to fit and hot – just what I need.

The tyres need replacing. I’ve had Dunlops, Bridgestones and Metzlers so far this year. As a great advocate of CSS and with their tyre of choice being Continentals I will be fitting a set of the Sport Attacks shortly. I’ll see how much damage I can do to them over the course of the next two months.

There was a bonus this month as the R6 disappeared as a pretty dazzling motorcycle for its service – and came back as a proper movie star. Get on the net and check out the trailer for A Good Day To Die Hard; hell go the whole hog and take in the movie. You’ll see a 50th Anniversary R6 in the film that Yullya Snigir has just swung those legs (pause for effect) off of... These R6’s are now in even more demand, especially the one she rode. Mine may be slightly less popular, but it’s still fantastic!

Price from new: £9,499

Insurance group 15

Modifications | Price

Givi T489 Tanklock tank bag | £84.30

HM quickshifter plus | £340.42

Akrapovic exhaust | £605.99

Techmount | £62.76

Yamaha tail tidy | £83.99

Dynojet PCV | £334.98

Yamaha seat cowl | £171.99

Bridgestone S20s | £280.00

Brembo sintered brake pads | £73.00

K&N air filter | £56.52

SDoc100 motorcycle cleaner | £16.00

Oxford Hot Hands carbon | £79.99

RUNNING TOTAL | £2,921.65

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