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"Fast Bikes", April 1, 2013


If you blow smoke up our arse, you win prizes. You see how things work round here!


Flattery will get you everywhere...

I’ve just read your Feb 2013 issue – it’s the best issue ever! All the tests were interesting and informative, I loved the new MV 800 Brutale and, in particular, the piece about holidays was extremely useful, as was the bit on apps. You excelled yourself this month – and you even quite liked a Harley! Anyway, I hope you like the picture of my Ducati Monster. Rossi may have gone but the colours are staying! Great mag, keep it going!

Robin Smith

Glad you liked it Rod – but are you after something?


I’ve only just finished rebuilding my ZX-6R after I wrote it off. I’ve added lots of homemade features, like some 80mm CCFL light rings in the headlights. All I had to do was to put the lights in the oven for a while to melt the manufacturers glue... I’ve now polished as much of the bike as I can, including the standard bolts on the bike. The carbon vinyl wrap makes it look good too – best hope I don’t crash again!

Kyle Higgins

Nice job Kyle, but just imagine how bling it would be if you did crash again!


First of all, thanks for your great mag as I’m an avid reader of Fast Bikes since, well, always! I am excited to send you the pictures of my 2012 RSV4 Factory as I would love to add Dymag carbon wheels to it. There are 13 changes done to my bike (added or replaced things). See if you can spot them all!

Talal Hantes

Nice wheels, Talal, if you’ll pardon the pun. As for your changes, can you not tempt fate and add one more change please...


Hi Fast Bikes, love the mag! This is what the lads in our workshop decided to do while I made their cups of tea. I had heard of people wrapping cars – but not bikes!

Thomas Thornalley

Arf! After that were you then sent off for a tin of tartan paint?


First things first; great work on the epic mag every month! I have to say it’s become increasingly handy now seeing as I’m in Bath R.U.H with a broken foot after being knocked off by a young lady in a Ford KA. About half an hour before this happened I was talking about ideas for a new bike, as I passed my bike test the Tuesday before. What do you geezers think, Gixer K7, Yamaha R6 2004, or a Honda CBR600RR-5? Many thanks for keeping me sane in hospital! See you at Weston bike night!

Matt “Hop-along” Holbrook

PS; Ward B28, bring grapes!

Tough break Matt, but we’d probably dream about the Honda if we were in plaster. And sorry about the grapes, Al scoffed them...


Here are some pictures of my 2012 Triumph Daytona 675R. It’s six months old and since I work offshore in the Middle East, I’ve only managed to get her out a handful of times since buying the beauty. Of course, working offshore gives me a lot of time to think about getting home and taking her out. Safe to say this has led to a few additions since new, much to the delight of my local dealer no doubt! I think addiction may be more appropriate than just fettling. My dream purchase would be some Dymag or BST carbon wheels, hence the attempt at your Addiction Comp. Whilst the picture attached is straight from the dealer and nothing special, I’m currently offshore and not due back in the UK until end of Feb, when I’ll send you guys some pics of the finished product.

And finally, great mag guys, I’ve been reading it since before I finally took the plunge into the world of two wheels. It makes these trips offshore a lot more bearable, even if it does usually result in a lighter wallet...

Alan Forber

When your bolting on is done, send us some pictures Alan!


An Oxford Aqua 25R Rucksack worth £49.99 for your Star Letter!

• Massive 25 litre capacity • Roll top opening for maximum protection from the elements • Front pocket with water resistant zip • Side netting pocket • Padded, breathable and adjustable rear section • Tough tear resistant construction • Reflective inserts


Fast Bikes: Don’t they make a happy couple...

Linda McDyre: buhahahahahahaha! Yeah! Can’t wait till the start of the season, there is gonna be more drama and tiffs in that garage than in an season of Hollyoaks!

Daniel Kelly: Won’t be long before the builders are in to put that wall back up!

Bryan Gillis: Wait till the first overtake then watch the fireworks.

Kathy-Sean Stinchcombe: Lets see if they have the same pic in June lol.

Barry Thomson: awweee, thumb sex.


Today’s reading material in the Miami sunshine!


Most popular magazine at Clay Cross Kawasaki


Caught the missus reading the new mag. Time to capitalise with a bottle of wine - gixxer here we come!



We’re expecting our baby boy any day now, so I haven’t been too active on this internet thingy. He was conceived in the UK, and I wanted his name to be Gixer. Yes, I’m fucking serious – but the wife ain’t having it. Cheers friends. Hope the snow stops over there.


Wow, we’d be very impressed if you managed to get that one through...

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