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"Fast Bikes", April 1, 2013


Riding Enduro is healthy, not only for your heart and mind, but also for all your biking abilities. Once we’d loosened up after months away from dirt, a fluidness came back to riding Mick’s KLX Enduro machines. This fluidness is key to off-road riding, but it directly translates to road riding. It teaches you to relax more, so you can feel what the bike is doing beneath before it’s too late. Correcting these issues on the dirt (or in this case, snow) gives you more confidence for when you jump back on your sportsbike. Bikes will do what you ask, and really just want to go in a straight line. As long as you’re not tense, make the right inputs and allow the bike a bit of freedom, it will be kind to you. Find out for yourself in Mick’s backyard. Go with a mate though, even Fagan needed me to pick it up for him, screaming for help he was – the big girl!

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