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"Fast Bikes", April 1, 2013



The Nemesis TCS is a plug and play unit, so uses standard connectors and plugs into your bike’s coils and other sensors (like throttle position sensor – TPS), so there’s zero hardwiring. The clever bit is the wheel speed sensor that fits onto the front, measuring the difference between wheel speeds at each end. When the unit detects spin, it cuts the ignition (each cylinder independently) to a varying degree depending on the amount of slip. Internal sensors (we’re guessing gyros) that sit inside the Nemesis TCS determine whether the bike is at mid-corner or corner exit, to ensure the correct amount of slip control. The soft-cut intervention, and reapplication of power, means you rarely feel the system working other than some GP-spec pops. Obviously, we’ll never get to know what’s exactly in that lil’ box, but it’s pure magic. The system is available for most modern sportsbikes and some old shitters. Priced at £1788, you get quickshifter capabilities and a pit-lane limiter, and all the software needed for calibration and adjustment. There are even individual slip maps to download for most sporty tyres. You can’t afford it? You can’t afford not to have it.

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