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"Fast Bikes", April 1, 2013

Circuit of Wales

It’s bloody lovely that is!

Please can this actually come to pass, and exist!

The plans for the £250m Circuit of Wales seem to be going well. After attracting FTR Moto to the site (MotoGP chassis provider) and appointing construction partners in the venture, the planning application has been received and the machinations are underway. In terms of MotoGP endorsement, the circuit got a boost when MotoGP boss Carmelo Ezpeleta visited the site and made favourable comments on it. If plans are passed, work on the development will begin in July. But the bigger question is whether the circuit can remain a solid business proposition. If the track attracts MotoGP and WSB, as it hopes, attendance figures for these could only hope to reach 100,000. The circuit will need to remain super busy beyond these periods to remain viable – or at least have very patient investors. Here’s hoping that both happen.

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