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"Dirt Rider", March 1, 2013


Story By Jimmy Lewis

Photos By Chris Green

In recent years, KTMs have had a very unique and funky quarter-turn locking gas cap. Sometimes they work perfectly and sometimes they are a pain. Here are some tips to make them work as intended and to prevent issues that they can cause.

First, if your cap locks on but is difficult to release, it’s a simple adjustment of the three torx screws on the underside of the cap. These three screws all need to be set to the same even torque (we’re talking a very light pressure, lower than most torque wrenches will register), enough so the cap doesn’t have a loose sensation yet tight enough to eliminate the binding when the cap is pressed on upon release. Some go to the length to cut out the tab that causes it to lock, but that makes it too easy for the cap to come accidentally dislodged.

If your gas boils in the tank, it can easily cause the one-way valve in the gas cap to shut off and then the tank will blow up like a balloon. Removing the ball (especially the lighter plastic ball in most of the recent KTMs) will allow the fumes to escape and the tank to vent in both directions, as it sometimes needs to in tough situations. Yes, gas can now spill out the cap in a tip-over as well. To remove the ball, simply take apart the cap by removing the three screws and take the ball out from its place inside. Be careful to orient the parts back in the correct order and position when placing them back together, and then check to make sure the cap locks and releases freely by the above tip.

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