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"Dirt Rider", March 1, 2013


Story By Pete Peterson

Photo By Scott Hoffman

Scrubs are great for staying low and maintaining speed over jumps without overjumping, but not all jump faces lend themselves to such aggressive moves. Monster Energy Kawasaki’s Jake Weimer shared a technique to stay low off jumps that have a longer and more gradual (less steep) face. This tip is good for novice racers to develop since it takes far less commitment than a full scrub but will still lower lap times and have you jumping with more control and better style.

“My objective was to try to stay as low as possible. This lip was pretty tall and pretty mellow but it’s a little bit difficult to really get aggressive and really crank the front end [for a scrub], so the technique of trying to let the bike come up to you and soak it up, and get the front end down comes into play.”

“There’s a bit of a technique coming up to the jump — you’re not going up the jump straight, you come at it at an angle and then try to carve up the face.”

“On the face of the jump I let the bike suck up to me, trying not to put a lot of weight on the suspension. I’ve always called it ‘unweighting the bike.’ Basically, on the face of the jump, bend your knees and your elbows and let the bike come up to you. I guess maybe it looks like I go to sitting, but really I’m just letting the bike come up to me, rather than just [go off] straight leg, stiff arms, letting the suspension compress all the way and then obviously rebounding into the air.”

“Try to jump front end low. When you jump front end low you can get to the ground a little bit quicker. I wouldn’t say that I’m pushing down on the bar. I don’t really have any leverage to be pushing down. It’s more throwing my body weight forward to try to get the front end to drop.”

“Had I hit this jump at the exact same speed and just went off completely straight, for sure I would have overjumped the jump.”

“When I was a younger kid, scrubbing wasn’t quite developed yet. But I do remember trying to learn to jump more front end low, and it’s obviously something that you want to ease into. You don’t just hop on the bike and go for broke on the first shot. Just jump it normal, however you’re comfortable, and start trying to move forward a little bit, very gradually, because obviously you don’t want to go over the bar.”



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